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With the deer population in the United States now pushing thirty million, wildlife control has become a necessary management practice in most areas of the country. Although deer are an enjoyable and valuable part of Crystal River Fl, the potential for unlimited damage could far outweigh the benefits.

There is no doubt that deer have a positive effect on the economy when you examine the millions of dollars that are spent each year during deer hunting season. The money paid out by hunters on traveling, lodging and their hunting equipment provides an economic boost for many rural and wooded areas and that doesn't include the cost of licenses, fuel, lodging and processing the meat.

However, deer bring plenty of destruction with them too. The damage done by deer to crops, gardens and personal property can be severe and cost a producer thousands of dollars. Deer can also carry diseases that are harmful to both humans and livestock. The USDA estimates the damage between crops, vehicle collisions and timber losses at over one billion dollars every year.

With so much emphasis put on the loss of crop damage, the landowners, farmers and ranchers are often the people who are expected to support any wildlife control initiatives. However, because deer cannot simply be exterminated like a rat infestation and because deer are now clearly living in many of the same spaces as humans due to development, it is clearly a problem of our entire society.

Finding Crystal River Fl wildlife control methods that are both effective and positively perceived by the public can be a challenge. Most states have a special department that defines the rules and regulation regarding deer harvesting but the landowner still holds a vital role because they control access to the land people hunt on. The last important factor in making wildlife control method decisions is the public perception and opinion of these methods. It is vital that the public support these programs for them to run smoothly and successfully.

The most effective deer damage control methods are hunting programs which are generally managed by the Department of Wildlife and Parks in each individual state. The quantity of permits issued is calculated based on a number of factors such as persistent and severe crop damage, animal popularity to discourage poaching and disposal issues. In some cases, farmers are allowed to obtain additional permits to hunt on their own land during off season. Some of these agencies also offer compensation payments to offset the cost of crop damage.

Using hunting programs to control Crystal River Fl wildlife deer populations is an effective method but actually keeping them out of crops and other large areas generally requires some type of fencing. There are many fences available for protection that includes both permanent and temporary designs. An electric fence is often used as a temporary and inexpensive barrier to protect crops. The shock that this fence emits will give the deer a powerful reason to avoid returning to the area.

There are also high tensile or woven wire electric fences that are a permanent fence structure. Although these fences are very effective, they are also very expensive. It would be advantageous to consider other methods of wildlife control before making that type of financial commitment.

Consider Crystal River Fl wildlife control methods such as picking or cutting all crops in a timely manner to minimize their vulnerability. Try planting crops that are more palatable to deer away from wooded areas. Deer do not like to wander far from cover and this may serve to deter them from venturing out to into valuable crops.

There are multiple other methods of controlling wildlife available including everything from noise makers to repellents all the way up to some promising new contraception agents. However, the first two lack long term effectiveness and the contraceptives have delivery problems. That's why it's so important to continue to work towards new solutions.

The programs aimed at Crystal River Fl wildlife control are intended to both control the population of a particular species such as deer and give farmers and residents management options that are both effective and socially acceptable methods of wildlife control.

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